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Re: Proofreading the installation manual (English) - part 1

The ones not mentioned have been fixed. Thanks for the review.


On Saturday 06 January 2007 13:08, Christian Perrier wrote:
>       Capitalization of "internet" should be consistent. I would
> recommend using "Internet"

Yes, but not something I really want to do right now in the soft freeze.

>   "The document you are now reading, which is a development version of
>   the Installation Guide for the next release of Debian; available in
>   various formats and translations
>   (http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/)."
>   This is not a sentence.

No, but also not totally horrible in its context. Postponed till after the 

> ./preparing/bios-setup/i386.xml:utility. Often, it is the
> <keycap>Delete</keycap> key. However,
>        The "F2" key is also pretty common

This whole section needs a thorough rewrite; not going to bother with this 

> ./preparing/minimum-hardware-reqts.xml:
>        It is possible to run a graphical desktop environment on older
>        or low-end systems, but in that case it is recommended to
>        install a window manager that is less resource-hungry than
>        those of the GNOME or KDE desktop environments; alternatives
>        include xfce4, icewm and wmaker, but there are others to choose
>        from.
>        The brand new CFCE graphical environment could be mentioned here

Maybe, but it is also a horrible acronym that new users probably won't 

> ./preparing/non-debian-partitioning.xml:If none of the above apply,
> you'll need to partition your hard disk before
>        Not sure whether this should be "applies" or "apply"

"apply" is correct AFAIK.

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