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Bug#404435: Debian etch RC1 does not start

Frans Pop wrote:

>I would like to change the grub installation so it shows you a list of 
>possible devices/partitions to select from, which should make selecting 
>the correct one a bit easier than having to enter the device yourself.
This sound great.

>However, manually entering the device already does allow you to specify 
>the MBR or any partition of any hard disk you have.
That's correct, but there is a catch.
In the beginning of the install procedure you select the partitions to
be used for the installation.
After a few steps, you are asked to make a selection where to install GRUB.
In my case I already made an error modifying the wrong partition :-(
So you have to write down the selected partitions in order to select the
correct one during GRUB install.
I suspect that the installer already knows what partition(s) you have
selected for the new  version  Debian,
if this is the case, maybe you can add that info to the list that is
going to be displayed.

>Is it OK with you to close the report now that the problem is solved?
You may close the report.

If you need someome to test your "GRUB list", just drop me a mail.


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