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Bug#404435: Debian etch RC1 does not start

On Monday 01 January 2007 17:49, Willem Weide wrote:
> Thanks for your reply, I got the thing moving now. I moved from
> /dev/hdh to /dev/hdh1.

Not sure what you mean by "moved".

Also, AFAIK hdh and hdh1 are effectively the same if hdh1 starts at the 
beginning of the disk, but I'm but 100% sure of that.

> During install of etch the question "Do you want to place grub in the
> MBR?" pops up.
> For my system it is not clear which MBR the debian-installer is going
> to use (I have 3 MBR's, one for of each disk).

The text actually says "the MBR of the _first_ disk" and I doubt hdh 
qualifies as first.

> So I choose "NO" and put the thing in /dev/hdh, because I want to use
> the MBR of /dev/hdh.
> (reason: I want to use grub i.s.o. lilo as my default bootloader as
> suggested above).
> Is it possible to change the debian-installer so that is can handle
> this issue?

I don't really understand what change you'd want to make. Nor what the 
issue exactly is.

I would like to change the grub installation so it shows you a list of 
possible devices/partitions to select from, which should make selecting 
the correct one a bit easier than having to enter the device yourself.
However, manually entering the device already does allow you to specify 
the MBR or any partition of any hard disk you have.

Is it OK with you to close the report now that the problem is solved?


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