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Bug#403706: allow-hotplug and udev

On Thu, Jan 04, 2007 at 05:34:34PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> +        else {
> +            fprintf(fp, "# Because to potential problems bringing up hotpluggable interfaces\n");

s/Because to/Because of/

> +            fprintf(fp, "# both an 'auto' and 'allow-hotplug' are used.\n");
> +            fprintf(fp, "# See bugs #403706 and #403805 for further information.\n");
> +            fprintf(fp, "# If %s is an interface that does not really need hotplugging, you\n", iface);
> +            fprintf(fp, "# can safely remove the allow-hotplug line and these comments.\n");
> +            fprintf(fp, "auto %s\n", iface);
>              fprintf(fp, "allow-hotplug %s\n", iface);
> +        }

If you're going to reference bug numbers, perhaps you should specify that
they're Debian bugs, for clarity?

Also, how is the user supposed to know if an interface "really needs"
hotplugging?  Only those who have followed kernel development somewhat
closely understand that most devices are now brought on-line asynchronously.

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