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Bug#404435: Debian etch RC1 does not start

Frans Pop wrote:

>(Please don't use too fancy indentation; makes it harder to reply)
>On Sunday 24 December 2006 20:23, Willem Weide wrote:
>>I use lilo on hde1 as the primary bootloader. From here I point to one
>>of the four OS's listed above. 
>>Before RC1 I worked with beta 2 and 3 images on hdh1 and they worked
>>very well. 
>>Selecting debian etch from the lilo menu, gives me a message "..GRUB.."
>>at the top of the screen for less then a second. After that the system
>>reboots directly.
>You seem to have an fairly uncommon setup. I assume you've set lilo to 
>chainload into hdh1 and have installed grub there.
>You also seem to have done some things manually, which makes it difficult 
>to anticipate the setup. Your best chance is to try to identify the 
>problem yourself. Hopefully this will help.
>Are you sure that your BIOS supports booting hdh? What happens if you 
>select hdh as primary boot device?
>Does your BIOS have the same idea of the order of devices as Debian had 
>during the install (see also my last remark)?
>AFAIK, it should also be possible to configure lilo to directly load the 
>Etch initramfs and kernel (hmm, maybe not across disks). Why not do that?
>Why not use grub as your primairy bootloader? It really is much more 
>flexible for setups like yours.
>Have you checked the grub configuration on hdh and tried reïnstalling it?
>You can use the "rescue mode" of the installer to do this (see boot help 
>screens and installation guide).
>With your setup, you should also be aware of the first erratum listed on:
>However, you don't seem to be at that stage yet, though it _could_ be 
>involved it grub's /boot/grub/device.map was setup incorrect.
Thanks for your reply, I got the thing moving now. I moved from /dev/hdh
to /dev/hdh1.
The problem is in my head I guess, aka "my thoughts during install":

During install of etch the question "Do you want to place grub in the
MBR?" pops up.
For my system it is not clear which MBR the debian-installer is going to
use (I have 3 MBR's, one for of each disk).
So I choose "NO" and put the thing in /dev/hdh, because I want to use
the MBR of /dev/hdh.
(reason: I want to use grub i.s.o. lilo as my default bootloader as
suggested above).

Is it possible to change the debian-installer so that is can handle this


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