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Re: G-I issues

Frans Pop wrote:
On Wednesday 03 January 2007 12:09, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

Applied; this reminds me there is one workaround we can get rid of now
that we've switched to GTK 2.8: see attached patchfile, i'd like to
commit this too.

Fine by me, but please do at least a full install after applying that patch to make sure there are no unexpected issues.

just performed successfully an installation at low priority, so going to commit this patch (also tested with test debconf scripts, no problems found, cdebconf behaviour was regular).

I could get crashes when on VT1 while partitioner was running in the
Unluckily, i couldn't find a deterministic way to reproduce this crash,
so i don't know where to look exactly (in the gtk frontend, in gtk/dfb
indfb..): i'll try to investigate, or better open a br about this.

Looking at crashes during partman is probably not the most easy way to go about it. Partman as a lot of complex interactions. I'm sure I've seen crashes at other points as well. Possibly hardware detection, netcfg, and base-installer or pkgsel or both. pkgsel is probably a bad choice for debugging as well though.

I used partman because i could reproduce the crash, but i'm aware partman is a bad beast (among all debconf clients in d-i, i remember it giving problems since i first started working on the g-i).


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