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G-I issues (was: Bug#404482: Patch to fix the "I" cursor issue)

(Leaving the BR out of this as it is not relevant for that.)

On Tuesday 02 January 2007 23:26, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> I was able to get that light grey area around the yes/no buttons with
> today's gtk miniiso by going to the "abort installation" screen and
> clicking on one of the two yes/no buttons with the mouse.
> Using the keyboard only to activate buttons doesn't seem to exploit the
> bug. I suspect this is not related with this patch and this has always
> been there but no one ever spotted it.

Yes, could be. I mostly use the keyboard.
Feel free to commit the cursor patch then. Please clearly mark it as a 
workaround in the changelog and add to TODO to revert it when 
gtk-directfb gets fixed.

> > P.S. Could you take a look at why g-i crashes all the time if you are
> > not on VT5? It seems to happen a lot more often now than it used to.
> Do you have any suggestion about how to reproduce a crash (actions in
> the gtk frontend, background operations on other VTs..) ?

Just being on any other VT triggers it. I am fairly sure I've seen it with
network configuration, partman and base installation.

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