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Re: No prep kernels in daily installer images?

On Monday 04 December 2006 22:52, Ulrich Teichert wrote:
> As expected, the installer failed at the same point as on Svens
> PowerstackII, it did not found an installable kernel.

I've just uploaded a new version of base-installer that should fix this 
issue. Should be usable with netboot images and included on CDs within 
the next 12 hours or so.

Colin Watson also added the prep images for the daily built CD images. It 
would be great if you could give those a try too.

> But I noticed another thing, which seems not to be listed as bug -
> or I haven't found it in the BTS: my network setup requires the use
> of a HTTP-proxy, which worked well during the base install.
> Then, I got error messages that the selected mirror wasn't reachable
> and package selection failed.

Can you check the configuration of apt in /target/etc/apt? See if the 
proxy settings are correct there?


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