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Re: passing disk geometry to installer

On Tuesday 05 December 2006 15:23, Ralph Gauges wrote:
> Anyway, normally this would not be a problem since those parameters can
> be passed to the kernel but with the current debian installer (I think
> it was RC2 or RC3), I could not find a way to pass those parameters.
> Specifying hda=C,H,S or hd=C,H,S on the boot promt did not help. The
> later method was described in some rather old mailing list entry for
> some very old debian installer.

Passing parameters that way probably only works if the modules are 
compiled in. I'd suggest reading the current kernel documentation for the 
harddisk controller driver that you use to see what parameters that 
modules accepts.
After that, this section from the installation guide may help:


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