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Re: No prep kernels in daily installer images?


>I've just uploaded a new version of base-installer that should fix this
>issue. Should be usable with netboot images and included on CDs within
>the next 12 hours or so.
>Colin Watson also added the prep images for the daily built CD images. It
>would be great if you could give those a try too.

I'm planning to test the prep netboot and cd-boot images on the weekend,
using the images from Friday. Time permitted, I'll check on some mips
images as well.

>> But I noticed another thing, which seems not to be listed as bug -
>> or I haven't found it in the BTS: my network setup requires the use
>> of a HTTP-proxy, which worked well during the base install.
>> Then, I got error messages that the selected mirror wasn't reachable
>> and package selection failed.
>Can you check the configuration of apt in /target/etc/apt? See if the=20
>proxy settings are correct there?

It could have been my shitty network connection, but then I should have
seen something in the proxy logs. But I'll check anyway,

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