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Re: Bug#396365: please add a gdb .udeb, for easier debugging inside d-i

Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> writes:

>> Maybe the installer kernel would have the release version on the
>> package name and then it wouldn't be remove from the suite until the
>> next version. e.g:
>>  - linux-image-d-i-4.0-rc1
> So you prefer ugly hacked solution over cleant and neat ones ? 
>> It would make sure that all udebs would be available until we move
>> the:
>>  - linux-image-d-i-4.0-rc2
>>  or 
>>  - linux-image-d-i-4.0-release
> Yeah. You know we stopped doing this kind of stuff for the kernel package over
> a year ago, and probably for a reason, don't you think ? 

We stopped doing that for kernel packages. The problem here is that,
without doing that the binaries will stay but without source
code... that will be a GPL violation AFAIK.

Or I didn't understand what you're proposing or I don't think your
problem will source the GPL violation of lack of source code of
binaries. That's what I don't think it'll solve.

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