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Re: Bug#396365: please add a gdb .udeb, for easier debugging inside d-i

Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> writes:

>> Well, it's trivial but the team need to be aware of those
>> modifications otherwise it can take a while to discover useless udebs
>> that are being include on the image. Currently there's no automatic CD
>> testing tool to try to figure those mistakes out as fast as we would
>> like to.
> Bah, i can commit to debian-cd, and now that i know about this fact, if ever a
> .udeb i asked is out there, i will naturally add it to the blacklist.

It need to be coordenated since there's a lot of people doing
daily/week and final builds for d-i and then those people need to be

>> I understand both sides (your and Frans') and I also agree with him in
>> some part.
>> Besides, I agree with Joey Hess point that there's no need to add this
>> udeb since we can add external binaries trivially on the built image.
> Yeah, but adding them to the image is not always the best solution, loading
> afterward may be a better way.
> Also, there may be another future for .udebs out there than just for d-i use,
> altough i know the d-i folk doesn't like this :)

You mean for embeed systems? Yes. I agree with you.

But for we start to allow more widly use of udebs there're some issues
that need to  be in better shape like:

 - debian-cd
 - bridney
 - d-i itself

otherwise can be a lot harder to make a d-i release to happen.

Another alternative can be use something like edeb for embeed
devices. That would be a clear option then use udeb for both. Using
another group of packages would make both worlds happy and make both
team lives easier. One wouldn't affect the other with their respective

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