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Re: Bug#396365: please add a gdb .udeb, for easier debugging inside d-i

Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> writes:

>> > I really would like to understand what is the rationale behind this. Adding a
>> > .udeb into the archive, if it is not part of the image, and not loaded by d-i,
>> > can hardly have any influence on d-i.
>> Not exactly. When we're building the cdimage we need to "blacklist"
>> the useless udebs to make CD images smaller and like. So there're some
>> consequencies with d-i, yes.
> This is a debian-cd issue though, and not a d-i one. And well, adding more
> .udebs to the blacklist seems trivial enough. Especialy for a single .udeb
> like in this case, but it is good to know.

Well, it's trivial but the team need to be aware of those
modifications otherwise it can take a while to discover useless udebs
that are being include on the image. Currently there's no automatic CD
testing tool to try to figure those mistakes out as fast as we would
like to.

>> I personally avoid to open bugs when I can contact the team directly
>> and leave the bug reporting resource for people that doesn't know the
>> team.
> Well, since communincation between me and the d-i team have not been so great
> lately, and i really thought that the d-i tags would be enough, i thought this
> the best way. 

That's the main reason why I replied the Frans message. I understood
why you reported the bug and on this case I think you did right.

>> But I don't see anything wrong about opening a bug for check if
>> there's something that might be useful to have in.
> I can understand frans's point on this though, he fears that people will
> believe i represent the d-i team in this, and add the .udeb on my request.
> A bit like Andreas Jochens asking for the ppc64 ports, while his stuff is not
> even in debian and he has no relationship or even tried to work together, with
> the rest of the powerpc porter team.

I understand both sides (your and Frans') and I also agree with him in
some part.

Besides, I agree with Joey Hess point that there's no need to add this
udeb since we can add external binaries trivially on the built image.

See you! :-D

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