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Re: Graphical D-I test install

Otavio Salvador wrote:
Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> writes:
Is someone still working on this? Would a gparted-like partitioner be useful for post-etch? (That's basically a lot of GTK programming, i could work on it too)
Another solution is to use gparted and the C++ libraries which go with it. I
know that there is a dogma of not using c++, but given the development ongoing
on gparted, and that we would basically need to do fork all that development
if we want to do our stuff.

Adding C++ libraries will add more or less 1MB to the image.

I'm not sure that will be just that the needed space for the whole C++
code to be in d-i.

From d-i point of view, I think it (use of another partitioner) would
make things harder to evolve together since the new features would
need to be add in partman and <your pet graphical partitioner here>.

Is either that or having a great installer which sucks just because we have a _really_ crappy partitioner. And I don't think anybody can argue, while being serious, that we didn't have lots of reports complaining about the partitioner being crappy (I am not sure, but I think this was one of the reasons behind partitioning recipes).

I don't know what others thing about this but I think would be better
to have a common partitioner for all frontends to avoid that kinda of
complication in D-I release and development.

In that case I guess Xavier just wasted his time on the C port of gparted.

AFAIR, the reason why C++ is not supported in D-I is because the maintainer of libc++ didn't answer to the request to create udebs... and not having libc++ in D-I just because the maintainer didn't created udebs is another proof that Debian has a lot of work to do WRT communication.

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