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Re: Graphical D-I test install

Julien Goodwin wrote:
D-I pre-RC1 test (2006-10-17)

These are my notes/ideas after having done a test installation using the
graphical d-i. (Under a VMware install using my ISP mirror)

I'm not subscribed to the list so please cc me on anything you'd like my
comment on. I'm happy to test any betas etc to see how things may have

Hi julien, replying to you about what's strictly related to the GTK frontend only.

-- *Useless* with the current partitioner

Sub-optimality of standard partitioner is something i've heard many people complaining about. I know xavier oswald once started porting gparted from c++ to plain c: i checked out the svn repo some times ago and found a lot of code was already written. Is someone still working on this? Would a gparted-like partitioner be useful for post-etch? (That's basically a lot of GTK programming, i could work on it too)

-- A double-click on an entry in the list view doesn't execute the option

Uhm, this looks like the solved bug #382357 and merged ones: did you use a recent image for testing?

-- For single checkbox option pages (eg "Really use block device
encryption") should have a yes/no or more gnome-style ("use

I agree, and this is something was already ewquested some times ago too, i'll open a wishlist bugreport against cdebconf-gtk-udeb. Could a patch that implmenents this find its way into Etch, now that we are in SVN freeze?

-- Still needs a global progress bar (even if it's a bad estimate that
only works for default options)

A hard one: the DEBCONF protocol does not include anything like that, AFAIK

-- D-I needs a password widget (er, seems to have one, the crypto lvm
just doesn't use it)

DEBCONF protocol allows "PASSWORD" questions, and the GTK frontend implements them. Maybe the crypto lvm is asking passwords using "STRING" instead of "PASSWORD"? Julien, could you please check?

Many issues from my earlier post
(http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2005/12/msg00102.html) are still
relevant notably:

2. Country choice, maybe a map with highlights would be nice. (Something
along the lines of anaconda)

I also investigated on this, and IIRC they use some widget from evolution (but i may be wrong), i doubt this would be importable into the d-i because of space constrants (this also would be a hack to the debconf protocol representation)

3. It seems that you cannot use keyboard shortcuts in lists (eg mirror
list), this forces use of the mouse.

That should be bug #343244: shortucts are standard ones from GTK, but are documented nowhere, so one may not know that "+" expands a tree, "-" collapses it etc..

thanks for testing


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