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Re: Verification of installation-guide-i386 docs regarding alternative installation method

2006/10/17, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl>:
Note that both methods are not really expected to give _identical_
results. When installing manually using debootstrap the burden to
configure things is by definition much more on the user.
I don't think we want to expand the appendix to the point that we include
in detail all steps needed to duplicate an installation using d-i.

That said, I'm looking forward to your comments.

That's a perfecty valid assumption - that the user is expected to do more
manual work. However, I was thinking more along the lines of timezone and
console configuration, shadow passwords, group membership and the like.
There were such problems in Ubuntu (see my orig. post) and now I'd like
to check if they are in Debian too (hopefully not).

There's just one more thing, the installation guide clearly states in
the first paragraph:

"This section explains how to install Debian GNU/Linux from an existing
Unix or Linux system, *without using the menu-driven installer* as
explained in the rest of the manual." (emphasis added)

I just want to make sure that the guide really allows to install Debian
the right way (like described in Martin F. Krafft's book "Debian System",
for example). This is my real reason why I trouble you all this time ;)


PS. Thanks for CC'ing me, I'm not subscribed to the debian-boot list.

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