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Re: Verification of installation-guide-i386 docs regarding alternative installation method

On Wednesday 18 October 2006 15:10, Wiktor Wandachowicz wrote:
> There's just one more thing, the installation guide clearly states in
> the first paragraph:
> "This section explains how to install Debian GNU/Linux from an existing
>  Unix or Linux system, *without using the menu-driven installer* as
>  explained in the rest of the manual." (emphasis added)

Yes, that is correct. That appendix is basically completely unrelated to 
the rest of the installation guide.

> I just want to make sure that the guide really allows to install Debian
> the right way (like described in Martin F. Krafft's book "Debian
> System", for example). This is my real reason why I trouble you all
> this time ;)

Not sure what you mean by "the right way". Both methods (using d-i and 
using deboostrap or cdebootstrap directly) are valid methods to install a 
Debian system, though the debootstrap method is clearly for advanced 
users and probably only for specific use cases.

I (still) don't have Martin's book, so I don't know what exactly you are 
referring to.


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