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Re: Graphical D-I test install

David Härdeman wrote:
On Wed, October 18, 2006 11:06, Attilio Fiandrotti said:

Julien Goodwin wrote:

-- D-I needs a password widget (er, seems to have one, the crypto lvm
just doesn't use it)

DEBCONF protocol allows "PASSWORD" questions, and the GTK frontend
implements them.
Maybe the crypto lvm is asking passwords using "STRING" instead of
"PASSWORD"? Julien, could you please check?

partman-auto-crypto (which does the guided crypto setup) uses
partman-crypto for the crypto setup and then uses partman-auto-lvm for the

The passphrase questions (passphrase and confirm passphrase) are generated
by get_passphrase() in partman-crypto/blockdev-keygen which uses the
"partman-crypto/passphrase" and "partman-crypto/passphrase_again"
templates which are of type "password".

This seems to work fine in the text installer (the dialogue does not echo
the passphrase when entered as it would if the templates were of type

I'm not sure exactly what problem you're experiencing with the graphical

Julien, best it would be if you could reproduce the bug and take a screenshot of the passphrase diplayed readable.



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