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Re: [G-I] testresults using new gtk2-engines udeb

On Friday 13 October 2006 15:50, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> AFAIK, Bladr and the dark theme are no longer needed / applicable, as 
> they use the libpixmap engine, not clearlooks, and should not be 
> packaged in the g-i.
> IIRC, loic has also packages the h(igh)c(ontrast)engine engine, which 
> should be ok to implement accessibility.

OK. I'll reply to the open bug reports to let relevant people know.

> We may need tweak something in rootskel-gtk to allow GTK theme choose
> at boot time.

The basic principle is already implemented. We'll see what needs to be 
tweaked when I get new patches for implementing the themes, but I doubt 
it will be anything significant.

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