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[G-I] testresults using new gtk2-engines udeb

I have just tested the image created yesterday by Davide. The installer
looks very nice, it solves the bug where the selected item in multiselect
lists is not displayed and I've seen no regressions.

There is one minor issue. VT1 gets flooded with two messages:
* Repeated a lot:
  (debconf: 9999): Gdk-DirectFB-WARNING **: gdk_directfb_gc_set_dashes not implemented
* Repeated a lot while progress bar is running:
  Gdk_DirectFB-Message: filled polygons with n > 3 are not yet supported, drawing outlines

Seems like the engine uses some "advanced" features that are not supported
by gdk-directfb, though it does seem to cleanly fall back to alternatives.
I'd like to prevent the flooding of VT1 though; would it be possible to
suppress these warnings?

I have one question: how will implementing this clearlooks engine affect
implementing the bladr and "dark" theme? I'd like to avoid implementing
several different themes/engines for Etch and instead stick to only:
- one default theme
- the dark theme (or rather one theme for visually impaired people)


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