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Re: [G-I] testresults using new gtk2-engines udeb

Le vendredi 13 octobre 2006 à 15:22 +0200, Frans Pop a écrit :
> I have just tested the image created yesterday by Davide. The installer
> looks very nice, it solves the bug where the selected item in multiselect
> lists is not displayed and I've seen no regressions.
> There is one minor issue. VT1 gets flooded with two messages:
> * Repeated a lot:
>   (debconf: 9999): Gdk-DirectFB-WARNING **: gdk_directfb_gc_set_dashes not implemented
> * Repeated a lot while progress bar is running:
>   Gdk_DirectFB-Message: filled polygons with n > 3 are not yet supported, drawing outlines
> Seems like the engine uses some "advanced" features that are not supported
> by gdk-directfb, though it does seem to cleanly fall back to alternatives.
> I'd like to prevent the flooding of VT1 though; would it be possible to
> suppress these warnings?

These warnings use g_warning and g_message, which cannot be deactivated
at runtime. We can still patch the source to remove these warnings, but
it's kind of ugly.

> I have one question: how will implementing this clearlooks engine affect
> implementing the bladr and "dark" theme? I'd like to avoid implementing
> several different themes/engines for Etch and instead stick to only:
> - one default theme
> - the dark theme (or rather one theme for visually impaired people)

The udeb also includes the hcengine.so engine, so that you can ship a
dark theme using this engine as well. Once the engine is available,
shipping one of the gtkrc files from gnome-accessibility-themes should
be enough.
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