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Bug#388464: debian-installer: ~2.6.17-2 amd64 kernel appears to be missing lvm-mod

Frans Pop wrote:
> reassign 388464 debian-installer
> tags 388464 + unreproducible
> thanks
> On Wednesday 20 September 2006 16:34, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
>> Installing a Dell 1950 Server (x86_64), LVM support is broken as there
>> is no LVM support in the kernel (-8 or -9, I believe), and no LVM
>> modules available.
>> This worked with the i386 installer of the same build (20060920)
> LVM works fine for me using current daily AMD64 image using kernel udebs 
> based on -9.
> Please be more specific as to what is failing.
> Is it just that you do not see the LVM option in the main partman menu? If 
> so, that is because an interface change. Please see the installation 
> guide on alioth.
Sorry about the delay in replying; the servers are at work, so I had to
wait until today.

This was the d-i netinst amd64 image for 20060920, on Dell PowerEdge
1950 hardware;
there are two SATA disks configured with softraid (RAID1) across the two
disks, and then
LVM on these, so the path was:
  - netinst boot.
  - from partitioner, select Configure RAID , then "Finish", so that
RAID configuration is
    spotted. Then
 - "Configure LVM" to detect the LVM configuration. This fails with "LVM
could not
   be configured; you may need lvm-mod. "

In a seperate console, lsmod shows no lsm modules. The syslog does show:
  "dm_mod: Unknown symbol idr_replace"

Now, this morning I repeated this with the same CD and with the
weekly image amd64 binary-1.iso : the bug is no longer present on the
weekly image.

Todays daily netinst image for amd64 failed to spot the CD, and so I
could not test this
far; I am investigating this further before submitting a bug report.

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