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Bug#388464: debian-installer: ~2.6.17-2 amd64 kernel appears to be missing lvm-mod

reassign 388464 debian-installer
tags 388464 + unreproducible

On Wednesday 20 September 2006 16:34, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
> Installing a Dell 1950 Server (x86_64), LVM support is broken as there
> is no LVM support in the kernel (-8 or -9, I believe), and no LVM
> modules available.
> This worked with the i386 installer of the same build (20060920)

LVM works fine for me using current daily AMD64 image using kernel udebs 
based on -9.

Please be more specific as to what is failing.
Is it just that you do not see the LVM option in the main partman menu? If 
so, that is because an interface change. Please see the installation 
guide on alioth.

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