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Re: powerpc d-i daily ISOs are back but broken. (was: one week out of date. )

On Fri, Sep 15, 2006 at 04:55:02PM +0200, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 15, 2006 at 11:24:02AM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> > someone who does the whole stuff, right ? It was an honest question, why do
> > you respond so agressively ?
> Maybe because the question was asked in a rather aggressive tone? That's
> at least what it looked to IMNSHO.

Bah, ...

First, i am still hurt over how i was threated, and nobody is ever going to
aknowledge that i was not the only guy responsible in this whole disaster, and
the only one who actually openly recognized his errors and tried to work on it
in a positive way. It has been going for months now, and there is no sign that
it changes, and yes, doing the submit-patch-to-BTS plays hell with one's svn
checkout, especially if the patch is changed a bit before being applied, or is
not applied immediately.

Second, i am not the only using a bit-more-aggresive-than-usual wordings,
Frans itself is not someone who has been addressing me in the nicest way
lately, but also since fall last year or even earlier, so he can hardly complain.
I don't see why i should be held to a different criteria than all the rest of
the debian developers, especially, as Frans, who is clearly not neutral in
this, is supposed to be judge over my behaviour. Furthermore, if frans is
saying stupid things or is plainly in error, i don't see why i should not say
so, as i have a right to do, without him feeling offended.

Third, it has been months now, and there is no sign that anything will change
in this, so being handled like a sub-DD for d-i purpose is clearly very very
poor on motivation, either for doing work, or for being over-nice.

Fourth, Frans was quick to kick me out, but he failed in his implicit promise
to find a replacement for the d-i port, even despite the laudable efforts done
by you and Colin.

So, all in all, the ball is now in Frans and the d-i team's camp, i did all i
was asked to do, i played nice, but there is no visible return to it, and
Frans can at any time feel offended by the slightest of not-over-nice comments
i made. This has been going for too long now, and altough the d-i team may
discutabily have had some reason back then in april/may, it is currently not
valide any more, and is hurting both me and our powerpc users, and yes, it is
only due to stuborness and childish 'i always need to be right' on frans and
the d-i's team part.

Anyway, i expect nothing of them, i did my part, i am acting correctly since
some time, and any team who believes in a dictatorial concept of trying to
block one fellow's right to technical expression by tactics as these is not
dign to be part of debian.

An no, i don't believe an in-face discussion will in any way change the above
without at least some token action on the other side's part on this, like
said, the ball is in the other side's camp, there is nothing i can do more.


Sven Luther

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