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Re: powerpc d-i daily ISOs are back but broken. (was: one week out of date. )

On Fri, Sep 15, 2006 at 10:52:19AM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Thursday 14 September 2006 08:41, Sven Luther wrote:
> > /me wonders who is in charge of this breakage right now ?
> Well, at first glance it seems to me that this could be caused by the 
> change from cramfs to initramfs for which _you_ proposed the patches, so 
> I would normally guess _you_ to deal with the fallout.

No, i am asking who is in charge of seeing about the health of the powerpc
port, not particular details. Colin seems in charge of the powerpc kernel
.udebs, and Wouter of the buildd administration, but you still have not found
someone who does the whole stuff, right ? It was an honest question, why do
you respond so agressively ? Maybe because you threw me out in a hurry,
promising our users that everything would be fine, and we have seen many
breakage since then ? 

As for the initramfs changes, it was indeed a breakage that happened something
like 2 or more weeks ago while you where partitioning, and i gave my input
when Wouter discovered the issue, and JoeyH then said he would fix it, and i let
him do it, but there was another issue, and i gave my input to Wouter, who i
believe did fix it.

> But that is probably just me blaming the mighty Sven Luther again...

Indeed it is, like you well know, it is not at all a constructive comment, it
doens't take into account what really happened while you where vacationing,
and issues are not as white-and-black as you paint them, but then you can
hardly blame JoeyH, right ? and if you started blaming Wouter ...

> Colin will look into it. Seems like a change in debian-cd is required to 
> make things work again.

Possibly, thanks Colin for that, but this doesn't solve the long time issue.

Would it be possible in some way to feed the build log failures of the whole
stuff (debian-cd builds, actual image builds, maybe floppy size excesses) into
a common mailing list address (d-i-powerpc-porters or something such at the d-i
alioth project), where the de-facto team of me, Wouter and Colin, and whoever
else would care about it, can be more reactive to breakage of this kind.

I know, there is a random assortment of web pages and logs in Wouter's inbox,
but as someone arguing against holding discussions on blogs over mailing list
should know, having to daily check a couple of web pages, which will usually
be fine, is no good way to have a good response time to breakage of this kind
? Why is that so difficult to grasp ? 

Still hurting,

Sven Luther

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