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Re: grub2 on powerpc

On Tue, Sep 19, 2006 at 07:47:27AM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> > 
> > Ah, good.  Btw, anyone tried loading a 64bit kernel from 32bit grub2?  If it
> > works, we could add ppc64 to the list (using biarch).
> As said, a year or two ago, i used grub2 to boot a dual power3 box, which is a
> powerpc 64bit machine. It worked just fine, especially since the default
> method for openfirmware bootloaders is to run as 32bit. I am not sure it makes
> sense to run them in 64bit mode, or even if it is supposed to work. All the
> documentation i have seen on this topic, even from IBM and others, show that
> the bootloader should be run in 32bit mode, and the kernel is launched from
> 32bit, and then sets up the 64bit stuff, so there should be no major
> difference with regard to grub2.
> Notice that here ppc64 is confusing, you probably speak about the one-man-show
> pure-64 thingy from Andreas Jochens, and not from the kernel arch ppc64.
> Notice that this is not and will never be an officially supported arch by
> debian, and despite me asking, Andreas Jochens has shown absolutely no
> interest to cooperate with the biarch or multi-arch effort, even though this
> won't happen anymore for etch anyway.

Ah I see.  Well, whatever it turns out, adding any-ppc64 doesn't harm (added).

Robert Millan

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