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Re: grub2 on powerpc

On Sun, Sep 17, 2006 at 11:16:02AM +0100, Roger Leigh wrote:
> Robert Millan <rmh@aybabtu.com> writes:
> > This is strange.  I know one of the core grub2 maintainers is using powerpc
> > regularly (with code from CVS).
> It certainly works--I've used it myself.  But there is so much
> duplicated, common, code between the ports, it really is asking for
> splitting into separate arch-specific and generic parts, rather than
> duplicating the entirety for each port.
> > As for tools not in Debian, you mean ofpathname?
> Yes.
> > Is the grub2 debian package usable at all without ofpathname? (I
> > understand that at least grub-install won't work, making d-i support
> > impossible).
> It's just grub-install that breaks.  Installing by hand works.

Ah, good.  Btw, anyone tried loading a 64bit kernel from 32bit grub2?  If it
works, we could add ppc64 to the list (using biarch).

Robert Millan

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