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Re: Accessibility theme for the graphical installer

Denis Barbier wrote:


There are some minor glitches at the beginning, error messages are
printed before g-i is launched, surely due to missing pixmaps.

Will we need any of those PNGs? What would be their total size?
Did you see Attilio's mail about the Bladr theme? Could we reuse PNGs included in that (e.g. by symlinking to them)?
Or do you want to just fall back on the default (or no) icons?

I have no idea, it is usable without any PNGs, I will add them to
see if they appear on screen.

IIRC, HighContrastLargeInverse provides its own PNGs.
Symlinking is possible, of course, but result would be poor, if not counterproductive, as we would add Reddish PNGs to a B&W theme.


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