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Re: Localisation tasks

Quoting Aigars Mahinovs (aigarius@gmail.com):
> In the tasksel there is a large number of tasks that are forming a
> pattern of "<lang> environment" and "<lang> desktop". I was wondering
> if it should be possible to:
> 1) Make the names and the descriptions of these packages unified and
> spit out the language name, so that there is no need to localise every
> one of those nearly identical names and descriptions

Which would need some kind of variable substitution thing....most
often pretty not recommended because of subtle contextual problems in
some languages (declinations or similar stuff)

> 2) Make a submenu in the tasksel specifically for the localisation
> tasks, so that they do not dominate the task list.

Indeed, the "language" tasks are currently not shown *at all* in the
D-I process, so these boring translations are not used in D-I (they're
visible in aptitude).

This "submenu" suggestion will be indeed implemented at some moment in
the future when we will try to solve #261929 or #79212 and their

Actually, this thing popped up again in -boot 1 or 2 days ago...

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