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Re: Accessibility theme for the graphical installer

Nice. This implementation looks much better.

On Saturday 16 September 2006 22:36, Denis Barbier wrote:
> Ok, but the accessibility theme is HighContrastLargePrintInverse,
> this is why I wanted an alias ;)

Well, we could also use a 'case' statement in the gtk-set-theme script to 
translate from dark to HighContrastLargePrintInverse.

> There are some minor glitches at the beginning, error messages are
> printed before g-i is launched, surely due to missing pixmaps.

Will we need any of those PNGs? What would be their total size?
Did you see Attilio's mail about the Bladr theme? Could we reuse PNGs 
included in that (e.g. by symlinking to them)?
Or do you want to just fall back on the default (or no) icons?

> This can be fixed later by customizing dark/gtk-2.0/gtkrc, at the
> moment it is simply copied from
> /usr/share/themes/HighContrastLargePrintInverse/gtk-2.0/gtkrc

I should indeed like to see the theme trimmed. I doubt we'll ever need the 
media-icons section. There's also a lot of definitions for .png files 
we'll never use and that could be removed.

I'd like to see that done (at least the bulk of it) before we upload. We 
can start by committing the full file though so we keep the history of 
customizations in SVN. Could you provide a trimmed version that I can 
commit that after this patch?

Please also provide the basic author and licencing info from the theme for 
inclusion in the rootskel-gtk copyright file (preferably as patch).


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