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Re: Plans for localization-config

Thanks for working on this.

On Saturday 02 September 2006 10:32, Christian Perrier wrote:
> The general plan is:

> -have localechooser trigger "apt-install localization-config" so that
>  the target system has it installed when it will need it

Why use localechooser to do this? It seems much more logical to let the 
l-c udeb take care of this.

> -have a menu entry that reproduces what we had in base-config, ie
> mostly run "update-locale-config --preinst" to preseed things that
> need it (mostly dictionaries-common and X)
> -have a finish-install script that's run on the completely installed
> system to reproduce what we formerly has in base-config as
> well...mostly acting on packages configuration files

Note that both of these should not run if locale = C (or C.UTF8).

> Please note that I DID NOT work to have actions adapted to etch in
> l-c, so that means that most of the actions are currently
> outdated...:-). That work should come after d-i integration and I'd
> prefer having Kostas work on it.

Agreed. We will also need to get translators to test again this widely.


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