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Plans for localization-config

The initial work to reintegrate l-c in D-I seems to give some good

While I initially worked on a separate udeb in the people/ branch, I
think (and that seems shared) that this udeb should be generated by
the l-c source package.

So, I'm now in the process of merging my work in l-c itself.

The general plan is:

-have localechooser trigger "apt-install localization-config" so that
 the target system has it installed when it will need it

-have a menu entry that reproduces what we had in base-config, ie
mostly run "update-locale-config --preinst" to preseed things that
need it (mostly dictionaries-common and X)

-have a finish-install script that's run on the completely installed
system to reproduce what we formerly has in base-config as
well...mostly acting on packages configuration files

The menu entry is currently numbered "67" which means it is run
*after* the base system install but before additionnal packages and
language tasks are run. It must run after the base system install but
before the packages selections step happens.

The menu entry is labeled "Configure language-related parameters",
mostly like the former base-cofnig entries were named.

The finish-install progress bar entry is labeled "Configure
language-related parameters..."

Please comment. I will probably commit this to l-c SVN anyway but I do
not plan an upload in the very soon future. Anyway, the generated udeb
will be optional to allow testing.

Please note that I DID NOT work to have actions adapted to etch in
l-c, so that means that most of the actions are currently
outdated...:-). That work should come after d-i integration and I'd
prefer having Kostas work on it.


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