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Re: partman-auto-crypto - round2 :)

On Tuesday 05 September 2006 01:22, Max Vozeler wrote:
> What I think needs to be solved before a first upload:
>   1. Priority. The package currently has standard priority,
>   which gets it loaded by default installs. I'm not sure given
>   the closeness to rc1 and would prefer input about this point.
>   Should we start with optional and promote to standard later -
>   or vice versa in case problems should show up?

I'd suggest just uploading at standard prio. We can always keep the udeb 
in unstable if any serious issues are found.

Talking about priorities, have the priorities of other crypto udebs been 
adjusted already for the "only load when needed" change?
Could you please check and provide a list of udebs that still need 


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