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Re: Gtk 2.10 (DirectFB) progress report - update

Loïc Minier wrote:

On Thu, Aug 31, 2006, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

i did some testing today compiling gtk+ from CVS HEAD against libcairo-directfb2 (1.2.4-1) and libdirectfb-0.9-25 ( and it turns out that

- a fresher DirectFB than the latest release (; I hope the
 DirectFB maintainer has the time to prepare a snapshot for
 experimental as requested in Debian #383238

this is no longer a problem, as GTK+ >= 2.10.2 selectively excludes from compilation all the code that needs DFB >= 0.9.26 to work (minimum requirement is now DFB 0.9.24)

 Yes, actually I continued working on Gtk 2.10.0 in our SVN but
 backported the needed delta from Gtk's CVS back then (this was before
 the relevant Gtk release).  This is in pkg-gnome's SVN since 10 days or

The GDKDFB backend found in GTK+ 2.10.2 contains many very important enhancements and fixes Mike Emmel introduced Fri Aug 11, which are not found in earlier (2.10.0, 2.10.1) GTK+ relases. I strongly suggest to skip GTK+ 2.10.0 and 2.10.1 and jump directly to GTK+ 2.10.2.


- to rebuild Cairo against the new DirectFB which changes SONAME, I
 hope an upload to experimental will be possible once DirectFB is
 uploaded but I've not requested that yet

current cairo-directfb depends from DFB 0.9.25, so i guess this is solved ?

 Correct, this was only required because of the first point.

cool! :)


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