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Bug#385782: Etch testing: Grub installation failure

reassign 385782 grub-installer
retitle 385782 Installs on wrong drive in some situations

> After recovering from the shock (my windows installation required for 
> work didn't start as well, I started investigating what happened.
> My system was configured to boot from SCSI first, but GRUB was installed
> to the IDE drive, so the BIOS booted into the Boot record of the SCSI
> drive and couldn't find a startable partition anymore.
> Why does GRUB remove the stored information from the SCSI drives boot
> record but install to the IDE drive?
> Or did it just remove the startable flag from the windows partition?
> Finally got the system booting again by setting IDE drive to boot first.
> Still I have to finish debian installation as booting into
> gnome desktop will leave me up with a black screen.

This could be a bug in the routine used by grub-installer to decide
which drive it should install GRUB on. Hence reassiging the bug to the
right package.

You can circumvent this by using medium priority mode, which will
allow you to choose the disk GRUB will install on and thus correct the

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