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Bug#385768: installation-reports: Failed to reboot x86 SCSI system

> This wasn't successful but I guess this is the old problem that we have with
> Alcatel Speedtouch DSL modems with (at least) the first Debian Installer on
> Debian Sarge. I might provide install reports dedicated to network configuration
> later when I manage to reboot the machine with Etch Debian Installer.

Is this a USB DSL modem ? These things usually need some firmware crap
to be loaded and the installer currently doesn't support this for
them. IIRC, there's a dedicated package for these modems so that
mostly means that you should install the stuff after the general
system install.

> 2. Reboot
> This is the blocker for this install. When the machine reboots, the system says
> that there isn't any SCSI bootable device. I provide below the grub-installer
> trace just in case, but it seems everything is fine from here. Moreover
> /dev/sdb1 is rightly marked as bootable in the partition table. I haven't any
> idea on what's wrong. I have kept the SCSI disk on which this install was done
> for any post-mortem examination. So if you need any logs, please just ask.

What would help is as much as possible thigns from the boot messages.

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