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Bug#381258: Acknowledgement (install report etchbeta)

hi, i wish to add another block of comment.

concerning laptop task and power management utilities.

the installer identified my machine correctly as a laptop
and i allowed it to install this task.

it installed two utilities i have never seen on my mac
laptops and it left out the two i am used to see.

the two unfamiliar, unexpected were hibernate and apm-emulate.

the two missing were pmud and pbbuttonsd (there are more besides
too i think that support these).

another reason why i would have to not trust this installer.

if there is a plan to be changing these utilities i should have
been informed some way as i am running an etch system upgradeded
from sarge as well as subscribing to the debian-powerpc mailing list.


also, to clarify "minor damage to my macos partitions continues"

in the previous version i tested two weeks ago there was damage
to the driver partitions as well as the boot blocks of the macos
partitions. this time, only the driver partitions were affected.
apparently, the macos9 drivers were removed, or the drivers
were rewritten as if without the option "macos9 drivers" if i were
using macosX.

thank you for your attention

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