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Modifying Debian install floppies to install Ubuntu

Here is my problem.
I have a laptop with a floppy drive and a network connection.  I do not have a CD-ROM drive.
If you use the CD-ROM to install Debian/Ubuntu you are presented with a prompt to type commands in prior to
If you use the Debian install floppies you are also presented with this prompt to type commands in.
However Ubuntu do not provide these floppies.
I have asked a number of times on the Ubuntu support forums but there seems to be an lack of
'something' so people do not know/care etc about floppies.
I have managed to do a net install of the full distro on my laptop, but I do not want the full distro, I only want
to install the base system and then pick and choose from then on.
I thought the best place to ask about modifying the Debian disks would be the Debian list, so here goes.
How do I take the Debian install floppies and mod them so that they install Ubuntu instead?  Is this possible?
I've looked at the boot and root floppies and I cannot find where it points towards a Debian server to download
the initial set of files.
Can anyone help me out?



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