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Bug#381258: Acknowledgement (install report etchbeta)

Brian Morris wrote:
> hi, i wish to add another block of comment.
> concerning laptop task and power management utilities.
> the installer identified my machine correctly as a laptop
> and i allowed it to install this task.
> it installed two utilities i have never seen on my mac
> laptops and it left out the two i am used to see.
> the two unfamiliar, unexpected were hibernate and apm-emulate.

There is no package called apm-emulate in the archive.

Many people like to put their laptops to sleep, so hibernate is a fairly
useful choice.

> the two missing were pmud and pbbuttonsd (there are more besides
> too i think that support these).

We need to get hw-detect 1.40 into testing; then pbbuttonsd will be
installed again. 

I'd be happy to add pmud if it's safe to install on all powerpc laptop

> another reason why i would have to not trust this installer.

I'm going to assume this is hyperbole and ignore it. You installed using
a daily developmental build of an installer; if you're not prepared for
problems you're not using the correct version of the software.

see shy jo

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