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Re: OldWorld Mac-specific problems; perhaps drop?

On Jul 13, 2006, at 10:36 AM, Sven Luther wrote:

Daniel wrote:

Do you have any message numbers?  Remember I've only started with
powerpc debian recently, so I'm not one of the 'everyone' that 'should be aware of it'. Also, if you're saying that new powerpc users should
be aware that miBoot is the official way to boot, I think you're
mistaken.  The official manual is the usual way to find things out,
not reading mailing list archives.

google is your friend.

That's unkind and unnecessary. He's right. The official manual *is* the official source for such information. A newbie (who probably doesn't even know the keywords to google for) should *not* have to use google to find out how to boot his or her old Mac in Debian. The information should be in the manual.

That said, the powerpc version of the manual is in terrible shape and desperately needs editing and bringing up-to-date. Any help on that would be appreciated.


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