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OldWorld Mac-specific problems; perhaps drop?

As you know I've been doing a fair bit of playing around with d-i and debian on oldworld powerpc macintosh, although I'm only just now getting a development machine setup.  Because of the problems with a lack of dfsg-free means to boot the installer on old world, the fact that the only method available for sarge no longer works (BootX; which can't be used on new world machiens) with 2.6.16 kernels, and that the 2.6.16+ kernels fail to boot on old world macs, the fact that old world macs are pretty darn old, and the fact that they're not nearly as common as p1's, for which one hears occaisional murmurs about creating a light desktop for, but little action), I am wondering if it makes sense to drop old world mac support altogether.  If not, I'm happy to continue working on it (I've just about got a development environment set up on a StarMax; the slowness has been due to the vc I'm using to track /etc, /boot etc requiring more cpu than expected).

What think ye?

(I'm thinking dropping explicit support for etch doesn't have to mean it goes away forever, it could come back iff one of the proposed solutions to the lack of bootloader comes through and the kernel can be fixed).



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