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Re: debian-cd and mips/arm

(CCing Martin and Steve as they started this thread privately)

Sorry I did not reply to this sooner, but I was kind of waiting to see if 
we would go forward with Beta3 or not...

On Tuesday 04 July 2006 00:26, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> arm/mips/mipsel definitely shouldn't have 2.4 kernels on their CDs and
> the same probably applies to all other arches - we're trying to get
> rid of 2.4 for etch and ideally beta3 wouldn't use them anymore.  I've
> removed 2.4 d-i for arm a while ago and removed mips/mipsel today.

The main problem with dropping 2.4 kernels (and kernel udebs) in debian-cd 
is that the configuration is shared between the etch_d-i/weekly builds 
and the sid_d-i (current daily) builds.
This means that if 2.4 is dropped for sid_d-i builds but was still used in 
Etch Beta2 for the arch, you will break etch_d-i/weekly builds.

Also, dropping 2.4 was discussed at the last team meeting and is planned 
for after Beta3, i.e. for RC1.

However, if an arch wants to do it before Beta3 and is certain it can be 
done without delaying Beta3 (I sent a "feature freeze" mail earlier), 
that is fine.

For sparc for example, I plan to drop 2.4 for Beta3 and s/390 will also do 
a full switch.

The best time for debian-cd changes is when we've started migrating udebs 
to testing as Beta2 will be broken at that point anyway and there should 
be enough time to tune things before the first full CD builds.

On Tuesday 04 July 2006 01:38, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Hmmm. Things are more awkward than I expected on the debian-cd end;
> the base list of udebs to be installed onto the CDs is generated from
> the d-i Packages.gz files in the main archive. Once the archive is
> updated to not mention the 2.4 bits, then debian-cd will automatically
> drop them. Making that change separately will be messy. This is for
> the installer bits themselves, in tools/generate_di_list.
> The list of normal .debs that land on CD#1 ready for installation onto
> the target system is generated by tools/generate_di_+k_list. I _can_
> remove 2.4.x bits from that list easily, and I will.

IIRC (but Joey is more experienced with this stuff), there are "exclusion" 
lists that can be used to explicitly exclude both udebs and regular 
packages from CD images. This mechanism can be used while the packages 
are still in the archive.

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