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Re: Out of Range Signal Display error during boot-up.


On Wednesday 05 July 2006 05:13, Vishwajit Bector wrote:
> Xorg display manager ran into problem during booting with this error :
> Out of Range signal. please set display setting  to 1600X1200 @60 HZ
> and so on.

Sounds like the installation itself went fine, which is always nice to 
hear. The problem you are having with your Xorg configuration is not 
really an installation issue, but a problem with the XOrg package and its 
hardware detection.

For help with that issue, you can best ask on the debian-user mailing 
list. If you want to report the incorrect configuration as a bug, you can 
do that using the 'reportbug' tool against the package xserver-xorg-core.


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