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Bug#376770: installation-reports pleifrest etch

On Tuesday 04 July 2006 22:59, Nicolas Fouquereau wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> 1st: my wireless card has not detected and the driver sources are on
> the web...

I would guess that the driver you need is either non-free in the Debian 
definition or has not yet been included in the official linux kernel for 
other reasons. Debian cannot support such drivers.

> 2nd: my hd8 partition /home/documents/ has not on rw access, 
> only for root

Did you select that partition and mountpoint during the installation?
What type of filesystem does the partition have?

If the partition has a linux filesystem (ext3 or so), I would think that 
the permissions depend on what they already were before the install. If 
it is a fat or ntfs [1] partition, you probably need to make some changes 
in /etc/fstab to get the correct permissions.

> the debian distribution is my favorite, you have all of my
> encouragements !

Thank you!


[1] I'm not really sure if writing to NTFS is fully supported. Google 
should be able to tell you.

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