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Re: debian-cd and mips/arm

* Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> [2006-07-04 00:38]:
> >arm: footbridge nslu2 rpc s3c2410
> And ixp4xx?


> Hmmm. Things are more awkward than I expected on the debian-cd end;
> the base list of udebs to be installed onto the CDs is generated from
> the d-i Packages.gz files in the main archive. Once the archive is
> updated to not mention the 2.4 bits, then debian-cd will automatically
> drop them.

OK, excellent.  I'll request the removal of the 2.4 udebs once beta3 is
out and then debian-cd should automatically get upaded.

> The list of normal .debs that land on CD#1 ready for installation onto
> the target system is generated by tools/generate_di_+k_list. I _can_
> remove 2.4.x bits from that list easily, and I will.

Good.  Thanks.
Martin Michlmayr

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