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Re: Plans for GTK+ - update

Le lundi 03 juillet 2006 à 22:08 +0200, Frans Pop a écrit :
> The gtk2.0+directfb packages _do_ have the same names as existing 
> packages, so for that a coordinated upload is necessary.
> AFAIK versioned conflicts are of no use for d-i. We just have to make sure 
> that udebs that depend on the cairo and gtk libs are rebuilt ASAP after 
> the new libs hit unstable.
> We also have to ask FTP masters for removal of the hacked source packages 
> and their binaries, but that can wait until after the rebuild.
> I had just come to the decision to delay this until _after_ the d-i Beta3 
> release, mainly because when I tested the image Davide created last week, 
> I noticed some problems for which I've just sent a mail [1].
> I'd like to await reactions from Davide and Attilio before making a 
> decision. Can you give me till the end of the week?

How about uploading these packages with new names for the udebs? This
would allow us to fix those names at the same moment.
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