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Re: G-I - Test results for mini.iso based on 2.8.18 libs

On Monday 03 July 2006 23:21, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> Nothing wrong, that's the correct behaviour of GTK+ applications : in
> SVN rev 38009 i set reactivity to <ENTER> and <SPACEBAR> and double
> clicks as pressure on "OK" button for the handler of SELECT questions
> only, while MULTISELECT (and SELECT questions which are displayed like
> trees) weren't affected : tomorrow i'll investigate about how to fix
> this.

IMHO the "correct" GTK behavior is broken then...
I'd personally prefer to have the frontend behave like the newt frontend 
in this respect, but I guess that is something to discuss with the team.

I'd certainly appreciate it if you would not change such behavior without 
discussing it first on the list.

> For the "blue line" bug, that's an upstream issue : Davide has 
> forwarded your email to directfb-dev and to Mike, who's working a lot
> recently to fix up things in gtkdfb and cairodfb, togheter with Claudio

Hmm. You're ignoring at least two other probably upstream issues:
- white vertical line
- incorrect mouse pointer


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