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G-I - Test results for mini.iso based on 2.8.18 libs


Last week I ran a test (in VMware) using the image based on the 2.8.18 
libs that Davide made available.

I noticed a few things that IMO need to be dealt with ASAP, especially now 
that Joss is asking for the libs to be uploaded to unstable.

* Default font size is _way_ too big.
The language selection screen now only shows 13 languages (at 11pt).
Changing the default font size to 9pt increases that to 16, which is more 
acceptable, but still less than the current 19.

* Weird blue lines between choices when cursor is moved (see [1])
These blue lines appear and disappear rather randomly when I move the 
cursor over the list.

* Incorrect mouse pointer (see also [1])
The cursor should be an arrow here, but changes to a "text entry" cursor. 
It changes back to an arrow sometimes (cannot really determine when it 
changes back), but for mostly it is wrong. It seems to change to "text 
entry" when the cursor is moved into the area with the description.

* Strange vertical white lines in logo area (see [1], upper right corner)
During the installation I see lines appearing and disappearing there. The 
lines may be related to the size of the selection list and other GUI 
elements shown (at least this one seems exactly in line with the edge of
the scrollbar).

* Enter key no longer works to activate "Continue" button
This is true for the country selection screen and partman's main screen 
(which both use the collapsible lists).
It is also true for multi select lists where enter now toggles the state 
of the current line (which should be done by space instead).
Not sure if this is a library issue or a change in cdebconf. Attilio?


[1] http://people.debian.org/~fjp/d-i/g-i_2.8.18_display-weirdness.png

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