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Re: G-I - Test results for mini.iso based on 2.8.18 libs

Frans Pop wrote:

Last week I ran a test (in VMware) using the image based on the 2.8.18 libs that Davide made available.

I noticed a few things that IMO need to be dealt with ASAP, especially now that Joss is asking for the libs to be uploaded to unstable.


* Enter key no longer works to activate "Continue" button
This is true for the country selection screen and partman's main screen (which both use the collapsible lists). It is also true for multi select lists where enter now toggles the state of the current line (which should be done by space instead).
Not sure if this is a library issue or a change in cdebconf. Attilio?

Nothing wrong, that's the correct behaviour of GTK+ applications : in SVN rev 38009 i set reactivity to <ENTER> and <SPACEBAR> and double clicks as pressure on "OK" button for the handler of SELECT questions only, while MULTISELECT (and SELECT questions which are displayed like trees) weren't affected : tomorrow i'll investigate about how to fix this. For the "blue line" bug, that's an upstream issue : Davide has forwarded your email to directfb-dev and to Mike, who's working a lot recently to fix up things in gtkdfb and cairodfb, togheter with Claudio Ciccani.



[1] http://people.debian.org/~fjp/d-i/g-i_2.8.18_display-weirdness.png

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