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Re: Status of debian-installer for the native ppc64 port

Hello Andreas,

We have discussed including the ppc64 port again during the d-i IRC 
meeting last Saturday. I am happy to let you know that we've decided to 
add support in the d-i repository, with the following conditions:

* the d-i team will not maintain ppc64 data
* ppc64 will not be allowed to interfere with release plans (i.e. any
  needed changes have to be submitted in time before any freezes)
* in principle we will not do separate uploads for ppc64 changes
* ppc64 data may be removed if not maintained

So, if these conditions are OK with you, you are welcome to file your 
patches and remove the wontfix tag from existing bug reports.
As we are currently starting preparations for the Beta3 release of d-i, 
the patches probably will not be applied until after that release has 

On Friday 16 June 2006 17:48, Andreas Jochens wrote:
> base-installer  : - add a 'kernel/ppc64.sh' script

Please make sure that you also include test cases.

> gtk+2.0-directfb: - 's/powerpc/powerpc ppc64/' in debian/control

This package will hopefully be dropped completely pretty soon.

> linux-kernel-di-: - add modules/ppc64 dir (copy of
> modules/powerpc-powerpc64) powerpc-2.6     : - add a ppc64 linux-image
> line to kernel-versions - add 'linux-image-... [ppc64]' to the
> Build-Depends

Not quite sure what the best option is here: include ppc64 in existing 
linux-kernel-di package or create a new one. We'll have to look into that 
again when we commit the patches.

> mkvmlinuz       : - 's/powerpc/powerpc ppc64/' in debian/control

This is outside of d-i. Please contact the mkvmlinuz maintainer.


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